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K-12 and Preschool

Situated on Philadelphia’s historic Independence Mall - just a block from the Liberty Bell - the National Museum of American Jewish History offers a range of uniquely engaging and interactive visits for students of every age. NMAJH presents educational programs featuring primary sources and original artifacts that inspire in people of all backgrounds a greater appreciation for the diversity of the American Jewish experience and the freedoms to which Americans aspire.
Numerous research studies demonstrate measurable benefits associated with integrating a museum experience into the classroom curriculum. NMAJH offers students an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based museum experience that builds on school curricula and enriches their lives. Our educational activities are aligned with the Common Core and National Standards in Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Civics, and Government.

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Planning Your Visit

NMAJH is committed to making our educational programs available to all schoolchildren regardless of financial means. Title I schools and schools with financial need are eligible to receive a scholarship to cover the cost of admission and transportation. The program is made possible by the generous support of individual, foundation, and corporate donors.

For more information and to start planning your visit, please use our Group Visits Inquiry form. You can also contact Group Services at 215-923-3811 x 141 or email  

Please indicate your interest in a scholarship or transportation reimbursement in the "Notes" section of the Group Visits Inquiry form.

Book your visit! See pricing below. Lunch space may be available with advance registration. 

Price includes admission, guided lesson, and an optional arts & crafts activity. 
$6 per student, space is limited to 30 students.*
1 chaperone required per 5 students.**

K-12 Schools and Youth Groups
Price includes admission and guided activity. 
$12 per child; space is limited to 100 students.*
1 chaperone required per 10 students.** 

Traveling Museum — we come to you!
$150 for the first presentation; $50 for each additional presentation on the same day. An additional travel fee may be charged based on the distance from the Museum.
Up to 4 presentations per day, and up to 35 participants per presentation.

* For groups larger than the limit, please contact Group Services.
** Required chaperones receive complimentary admission. There is a cost associated with additional chaperones.  


Our object-based lessons provide students with opportunities to develop skills in comprehension and critical thinking through close engagement with primary documents, historic artifacts, maps, and interactive visual and audio displays. Through active learning outside of a formal classroom, students learn to observe, listen, and participate effectively in group discussions. These lessons can serve as compelling topics for project-based curricula and individual research projects.

Each educational program is about 90 minutes. Please allow at least two hours total for your Museum visit.

To see how a Museum visit may support Common Core and the national and Pennsylvania standards in Language Arts, Social Studies, History, Civics, and Government or to see the specific curriculum connection of an individual program, please contact

Museum Lessons and ActivitiesPresch K-56-89-12College
In their Shoes    
Becoming American   
The Spirit of NMAJH 
Unique Promise and Imperfect Freedom  
American Jews and World War II  
Values in Action  
To Bigotry No Sanction    
Circles & Squares: Shapes in the Museum    
Travel & Transportation    
Family, Memories, and Traditions    
Summer Camp activities 


1917: How One Year Changed the World

Now on view March 17 - July 16, 2017

1917: How One Year Changed the World (Grades 9 and up)

In a program inspired by our current special exhibition, students explore how the convergence of world events during the pivotal year of 1917 reoriented the United States’ role in the world and affected the lives of everyday Americans, especially ethnic minorities. This tour covers both the special exhibition and half of our 3rd floor core exhibition.

Featured Programs

Content for all programs can be adjusted for different grade levels and curricular needs
The Spirit of NMAJH Word Game (for grades 4 and up)

Discover some of the key stories featured in the Museum’s core exhibition through an interactive word game. Learn about community, identity, innovation, immigration, labor, culture, and family life in American Jewish history. The game offers a great overview of the Museum.
In their Shoes: Three Generations of Dreamers and Doers (for grades 4-6)

Imagine what life was like in colonial America, during westward expansion, and during the period of mass migration to the US through object exploration and hands-on activities.
Unique Promise and Imperfect Freedom: Religion and Civil Rights in America from 1654 to the Present (for grades 6 and up)
Explore stories of American Jews as they faced discrimination and achieved victories in the name of tolerance and acceptance, from the colonial period through the present day. Place their experiences and actions in the larger context of America’s enduring legacies and ongoing struggles with religious, ethnic, and racial freedom.

American Jews and World War II (for grades 6 and up)

Covering the colonial period through the World Wars, students explore stories of American Jews as they faced discrimination and achieved victories in the name of tolerance and acceptance. Through a partnership with the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center, students have the opportunity to talk with a Holocaust survivor after touring the Museum’s galleries.

*Subject to speaker availability, weekdays only.

Values in Action (for grades 6 and up)

Responsibility. Integrity. Honor. Honesty. Respect. How do the values we believe in affect our actions?  Explore the lives of ordinary women and men in history who were determined to live according to their ideals. This activity motivates students to think about how they can put their own values into action in relationships with others and as members of society.

 To Bigotry No Sanction: George Washington and Religious Freedom in Early American History (for grades 9 and up)
Beginning with the first Jews to permanently settle in America in 1654 and culminating in the 1880s, this tour raises questions about what it meant to be a small minority in a young and still-evolving nation. Its content revolves around the historic correspondence (on view in the Museum) between the nation's first president and the Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island.  

Becoming American: History of Immigration 1880s-1924 (for grades 4 and up)
Delve into the life of the American immigrant at the turn of the 20th century, connecting individual experiences to the larger context of American history. Designed to introduce students to primary sources and develop their critical thinking skills, the program includes a hands-on lesson in your classroom (Traveling Suitcase) and a visit to the Museum.

Traveling Suitcase
The Traveling Suitcase is designed to support and enhance the visit to the Museum for the Becoming American program. It also can be reserved as a stand-alone program.

A Museum educator visits classrooms (in person or virtually) and conducts a lesson that explores the importance of everyday objects in learning about the past. The lesson introduces some of the main concepts pertaining to the immigration of people of Jewish heritage from Eastern Europe and Russia and introduces students to the practice of examining and analyzing primary source historical artifacts and documents. Students get a chance to experience how historians and museum staff use artifacts to complete research and tell stories through exhibitions.

We are pleased to offer the Traveling Suitcase as a new distance learning opportunity. There are three ways to bring this program to schools unable to visit the Museum:
    Option A: A Museum educator visits classrooms to conduct activities in person (available now to schools in the Greater Philadelphia and New York Metropolitan regions).
    Option B: Suitcase with lesson plans and support materials is sent to classrooms for teachers to use on their own. Complimentary Professional Development Training available for teachers who choose this option.
    Option C: Suitcase with lesson plans and support materials is sent to classrooms and a Museum Educator conducts lesson via video-conference.


Bring your students for a stimulating and rich sensory experience in a child-friendly environment! Through stimulating field trips and a variety of educational programs, the Museum provides the types of learning experiences that contribute to the social, cognitive, and emotional development of young children. 

Groups are limited to 30 students.  Please inquire about accommodations for larger groups. We welcome the opportunity to plan a tour tailored specifically to your class interests and goals.  

Choose a program and bring your class for a visit that they’ll never forget! 
For more information and to start planning your visit, please contact


Circles & Squares: Shapes in the Museum   

Enhance preschoolers’ ability to recognize and distinguish circles and squares in objects both in and outside of the Museum through a series of activities including an interactive reading, an exploration of the galleries, and an arts and crafts project.

Travels & Transportation
Interactive reading, gallery exploration, and arts and crafts will engage preschoolers with an exploration of various forms of transportation. They will learn about how transportation has developed and changed through time and discuss some of the reasons people have to travel.

Family, Memories, & Traditions 
Explore the ideas of family memory, traditions, and cultural diversity. Through an interactive exhibit and an exploration of the galleries, preschoolers will learn about Jewish immigration to the United States and engage with family stories and traditions that were carried from generation to generation.

For more information and to start planning your visit, please contact


The National History Day

NMAJH is proud to be a part of National History Day.  For the 2016-2017 school year, National History Day invited students to research topics related to the theme Taking a Stand in History.  To take a stand, one must take a firm position on an issue.

Click here to learn more about National History Day.

For more information on NMAJH's participation in The National History Day, please contact Charlie Hersh at or 215-923-3811 x 272.

Museum Event: Courageous Choices – Finding Your Creative Voice

For updated list of programs and dates for Courageous Choices, please see our informational flyer. 

This special Museum program offers an interactive museum exploration that highlights the lives of American Jews who overcame obstacles and found their creative voice. It is followed by a dynamic performance or conversation, where students hear first-person accounts from individuals who have made courageous choices or used art to find their creative voice.

The content of Courageous Choices is aligned to Common Core and National Social Studies and History Standards. Students will analyze and interpret documents, museum text, and a performance in order to develop an understanding of contemporary and historical figures who exemplify the principles of American values and freedom.

Recommended for grades 6 and up.


We’re happy to partner with award-winning actor, dancer, and instructor Khalil Munir, in our signature Courageous Choices program, at which he performs 1 Pound, 4 Ounces. A Philadelphia native, Munir chose the arts as a path away from despair and misfortune. 1 Pound 4 Ounces is the riveting one-man show combining impassioned storytelling with music and improvisational tap dance. Having overcome adversities including a broken home marred by drugs and incarceration, as well as devastating childhood learning hurdles, Munir has conquered that and much more, emerging as an artistic risk-taker and respected role model.

This year, we are happy to offer the following presentations:

  • Courageous Choices with student filmmakers, creators of Reflections of Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors: The Ones Who Survived – January 5, 2017
  • Courageous Choices with rock band HOME from The Andrew Jackson School – January 6, 2017
  • Courageous Choices with Khalil Munir – March 14 or June 2, 2017
  • Courageous Choices with Holocaust survivor, Cantor David Wisnia, and his grandson, singer-songwriter Avi Wisnia – May 12, 2017

For full descriptions and schedule of Courageous Choices presentations, please see our informational flyer.

For more information, contact Charlie Hersh at or 215-923-3811 x 272.
To reserve, contact or visit
Scholarship and bus reimbursement is available for financially eligible organizations.

For Special Needs Students

We are committed to ensuring that the opportunity to learn from our collection is available to all. Therefore, we offer tours that are customized to students’ levels of comfort and ability, both physical and cognitive. Experienced docents are available to facilitate these tours and activities. We will work with you to adjust our programs to your students’ needs.

 Please refer to our K-12 Lessons and Activities to choose a program. We will work with you to adjust the program to your group's needs.

Long Distance Opportunities

Bring the Museum to Your Classroom: Traveling and Virtual Lectures Series

We are pleased to bring the excitement of the Museum directly to your community and inspire your students to further explore the Museum’s collection in-person or online. Museum educators are available to visit your classroom in-person or virtually (via video conference). We also offer Teacher Kits filled with lesson plans and resources. For more information, please visit or email us at!

Professional Development for Educators

Meet, brainstorm, and work collaboratively with fellow educators to identify best practices in designing learning experiences for your students.  Our workshops offer practical ideas for object-based learning that supports targeted standards and Common Core learning objectives. We aim to make the NMAJH experience an integral part of your teaching and to provide resources you can use in the classroom.

NMAJH workshops are FREE with required advanced registration. To learn about upcoming workshops, please contact Rachel Urkowitz at 215-923-3811 x153 or